AgriCulturalTours Valencia is a team that will be expanding and growing up like the products life cycle. We want to share with you our passion for the Region of Valencia and show you the secrets behind our destinations with an agricultural touch.

Agriculture in the Region of Valencia is very important to the economy since we are leading producers and exporters of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, due to the high quality of our products, many of them have been recognized and protected with the PGI, (Protected Geographic Indication) like oranges from Valencia, and the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for Alicante’s Mountain cherries, artichokes from Benicarló,   tigernuts from Valencia and rice from Valencia, etc.

With our tours, you will learn more about all these products and the cultural heritage of the destinations surrounding them.

Here, we will share with you all the news and updates regarding our tours, our agri-food cooperatives and destinations.

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